Very simple. Download App on Playstore Put your Mobile No. and select password contains 5 characters of your choice. Signup process completed.
Price is very low. There is a simple payment plan that contains unlimited invoicing, unlimited inventory, CRM, GST and Expense Reporting along with capture the receipt module on the price of Rupees 200 for 30 Days. You can pay online by clicking the tab "Pay Now".
To fill the company information is your choice. If you fill the company information it will only show on your invoicing and on all reports. If you do not fill the company information all your invoicing and reporting will be blank. You can change/ update all of your company information at anytime by clicking the setting at any time. You can also call us at 1800-3000-7288 or e-mail the new information to info@freshkhata.com and we will change it for you. We can not change a username.
You have liberty to cancel your Freshkhata account at any time.There are no additional charges. You can loose the remaining period of using time. Your data is safe and you can reterive it anytime.
Freshkhata is very helpfull to find GST rate chart of your trading items. Put your finger on required item and get GST rate promptly along with all chapters and category-sub category.
Your data and information travelling between your Browser and Freshkhata is protected with Secure-Sockets-Layer protocol. Your data is as important for us as it is important for yourself. The SSL Certificate verify that you are not talking to a phishing. Freshkhata servers are scanned regularly by AlertLogic.
The data in your Freshkhata account is not accessible for others. Only a pasword holder can access the data with the help of seceret password. It is therefore strongly recomended to keep your password in your safegaurd. You can cancel the Freshkhata account by a simple click or e-mail us on info@freshkhata.com . As quickly as possible as you face unidentified problems.
If you have forgotten your password, click "Login" and hit the "forgot password". You will reterive your password on your registered mobile number. However username is associated with your registered mobile number. So it can not be changed. You can open a new account with your new mobile number, and use the old Mobile number as user name and copy total data and paste it in new account. After retereving the old data cancel the old account immediately.
Freshkhata makes small business invoicing and billing so simple. First of all click the invoicing icon on the first screen. Change date and invoice number on your choice. Select the customer name, if it is a new customer, don't worry. Only write customer name and now select the item that you want to sell. Mention quantity and mention selling price. Freshkhata invoicing software will automatically calculate GST rates according to HSN Code information. Now you can proceed the same for further items. When you click the save button top right on the screen your customize invoice will be created. You can send it to your customer by e-mail or print it on your connected printer. In this way Freshkhata is helpful to create your regular customer's list. (Save time and paper billing). Your customers will be wowed.
After your free trial is up you have to choose one of paid plan. If you are not ready to continue, no problem. We respect your honor to experience with us. However your invoices, expenses and other data will be secure as and when you deciede to upgrade.
No, Freshkhata is 100% web based, meanings you can access it anywhere with www.freshkhata.com on your browser. You can even use Freshkhata App on your mobile device.
Yes, either on mobile app or on your office computer the entered data remains same.
You can change it any time before record payment. After converted into paid invoice it is difficult to make change. However you can make any changes in your expenses anytime before filling your tax summary.