About Us

Future is digital so are we..

As online hours started in our Country and some are enjoyed with Perfection, but the strength of the community accidently lost the transaction slips, invoices of their Purchase and hence these people dejected from this digital moment. Then and there to revive the memory of lost work, the inspiration for the Freshkhata was born. We design Our product and the values we live everyday as Freshkhata users. Fresh Khata keeps our accounts updated in every sphere. It also helpful to maintain records of all yours GST Business details and as well as purchase inventory. We designed our product as you will find yourself tension free by capturing the snap shot of the post receipts. At any stage track these receipts that runs in the background. Freshkhata is powered by Bantam India Limited, An Foreign Subsidiary of Bantam Canada Limited, Canada which is a trusted name across North America and the South Asian community.

Meet the Freshkhata Team:

Our Team follow two rules.

1.Do it right in first time.

2.Remember 1st rule.

कोई भी कार्य अकेले सम्पन नही होता ! केवल सामूहिक प्रयासों से ही गलतियों में सुधार किया जाता है !
A lot of hardworking people make the wheels at Freshkhata turn.

Stanlian Jit (CEO)
Kanwal Jeet Kaur (Founder)
Jitendra Arora (Director)
Sham Vashist ( Finacial adviser))
Swapan ( Supply Chain Manager)
Rajeev Narang
Jyoti Thakur (Team Designer)
Rekha (Team Developer)
Kanchan (Team Developer)
Ankush (Team Developer)
Pankaj (Network Engg.)


Deepika (Developer)
Gagan (Developer)
Srishti (Developer)
Sunanda (Developer)